Barking Road Runners: Grand Prix series

Members of Barking Road Runners can compete each year in a Grand Prix series for a club trophy.

There are a maximum of ten races in each year's competition, which are generally chosen by the club from open races in the East London or Essex areas. The club's rules stipulate that there must be at least one race each of the following distances: 5 miles, 10K, 10 miles, and half marathon (13.1 miles).

Points are awarded by the club to its members, based on relative position, with separate points for men and women. For example, the fastest male BRR member to finish in the race is awarded 100 points, the second fastest is awarded 99 points, and so on. At the end of the series, each member's six best results are totalled; prizes are awarded by the club to the member with the three highest scores, with separate prizes for men and women.

Results for club members at each Grand Prix race are published on our website.